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Our values

Corporate social responsibility (CSR) is one of Marck & Balsan's key daily and strategic concerns.

Based on the structural components of the ISO 26000 standard, Marck & Balsan is committed to a global Corporate Social Responsibility approach ranging from involvement in sustainable development initiatives to practical action plans related to the operational conduct of business.

Corporate social responsibility

Marck & Balsan is a signatory to the United Nations Global Compact and on a daily basis shares the ten universal principles organised into four key areas:

  • Human rights
  • International labour standards
  • Environment
  • Anti-corruption

See our CSR report

Social commitment

Marck & Balsan owes its strength to its employees and the synergy of their complementary skills, allowing it to provide its customers with the best products and the best services.
  • To promote innovative professional careers enabling mobility, skill development , versatility and even career changes.
  • To implement safe and secure working conditions and support expertise development, management and individual and group progress.
  • Sustained dialogue based on close consultation with staff representatives.
  • Individuals tools: job description, yearly review professional interview every two years.
  • Internal mobility newsletter featuring available permanent positions.
  • Diversity : Marck & Balsan signed the Diversity Charter in 2021, the foundation of a socially and economically successful society. The Diversity Charter helps to develop a management respectful of human differences and based on trust.
  • Equality : The Gender Equality Index in 2023 is 90/100 for Marck & Balsan. The national average is 88/100.
  • Inclusion : To illustrate this approach, Marck & Balsan is very proud to have had 11 employees volunteer to participate in the Duo-Day operation on Thursday, November 17, 2022 and two pairs concretized.

    Through this operation, the company wishes to reveal the professional assets and qualities of workers with disabilities, raise awareness among the teams and to affirm the company’s social values.

Community involvement

  • Payment of apprenticeship tax to the Chambers of Commerce and Industry in order to be closer to the regional economic development stakeholders.
  • Involvement in clusters of companies and local and regional authorities in order to optimise local synergies.
  • Entreprise du Patrimoine Vivant (EPV) of Chartre-sur-le-Loir, confirming the Group’s commitment to retain expertise and jobs in France (label awarded by the Ministry of Industry).
  • A signatory to the APEC youth membership charter promoting the professional integration of young graduates.
  • Reception of interns from the second chance school (young people who have left the education system).
  • Creation of professional training hours for public contracts.
  • Support and participation of the company in sporting and/or charity initiatives such as the Indre inter-company challenge and the Odysséa race supporting the fight against breast cancer since 2014.
  • Financial assistance for charity sporting events such as the Course du Cœur.

Our labels

Sustainable development

  • Marck & Balsan is a signatory of the Responsible Supplier Relations Charter. Today, Marck & Balsan has obtained the “Supplier Relations & Responsible Purchasing” (RFAR) label. The Responsible Purchasing Policy and the appointment of an internal mediator are the cornerstones of this project. Discover our purchasing policy.

  • Widespread use of the OEKO-TEX label with the company’s suppliers and partners, guaranteeing the human-ecological properties of the textiles: except products that are toxic to the body and the environment.
  • All fabric suppliers must sign a certificate guaranteeing the exclusive use of authorised colourants in accordance with the REACH regulation.
  • Priority given to suppliers that have a sustainable development approach.
  • Recycling of used textiles: this scheme starts with a fully secured collection and ends with recycling and full recovery. The entire process is transparent with total traceability.
  • Marck & Baslans new head office as a ” pilot building”: reduced electricity consumption, installation of an electric vehicle charging station, heat-pump driven, reversible air-conditioning system, video-conferencing room reducing travel.
  • Framework agreements with energy partners to reduce consumption and use renewable energy sources.
  • Reduced impact of packaging (cardboard, plastic, fabric).
Marck & Balsan has been committed to a sustainable development policy for over 10 years!


On the one hand, this term represents a set of rules and procedures that are used to ensure compliance with the standards applicable to our companies by all employees and managers and, on the other, the values and ethics instilled by managers.

In practice, every employee must comply with the contents of the following four documents:

  • The Code of ethics and business conduct
  • Anti-corruption policy
  • Mutual conduct guide
  • Procedures

Marck & Balsan’s compliance policy is embodied by its managers and implemented on a daily basis by all management.