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Marck & Balsan designs and manufactures identity clothing (corporate clothing and prestigious uniforms) in accordance with its customer's requirements, made-to-measure or industrial customisation.

The uniform brand

At Marck & Balsan, uniforms are the opposite of uniformity. While our uniforms are intended to create unity, therequirements and quality of our production allows each uniform to reveal the personality of those who wear them. For a military parade, a brand or a reception hall, our uniforms are a showcase that identifies, brings together and distinguishes.

Marck & Balsan works in accordance with specifications and makes its style department available to its customers.

Prestigious uniforms

Full of meaning and history, they are the emblem and costume of a State institution, a Grande École (specialist university) or a prestigious company. They reinforce the feeling of pride in those who wear them and help to convey a unique image.

Marck & Balsan has been a supplier of prestigious uniforms for major public authorities in France and worldwide since 1850.

Unique know-how in the creation of prestigious uniforms: headgear (kepi, bicorn, cap, etc.), trimmings (braids, epaulettes, military awards, etc.), uniforms & accessories (tunic, shell jacket, cape, etc.)

Corporate clothing

Corporate clothing is a major communication tool. Internally, it helps to maintain employees’ feeling of belonging to their company and makes them feel valued, providing comfort, practicality and elegance day by day. Externally, image clothing is a powerful identity tool for the company, enabling it to stand out and present a modern, up to date image. In its choice of materials, cuts and colours, Marck & Balsan’s expertise lies in knowing how to create clothes that are both hard-wearing and fashionable.

With over a hundred years’ expertise, Marck & Balsan has expanded its field of knowledge over time. It now works in eight key sectors in the corporate clothing market: Beauty, Luxury, Distribution, Catering, Leisure, Industry, Transport and Services.

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