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Our story

With a history dating back more than 170 years, Marck & Balsan has been able, over time, to maintain its know-how by diversifying its business.

The merger

Grouping of Groupe Marck and its subsidiaries under the same identity: Marck & Balsan
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Marck & Balsan

Merger-absorption of VTN by Balsan

The Balsan company becomes Groupe Marck's major industrial centre: Merger-absorption of VTN by Balsan.
Groupe Marck

Regional protection

Launch of the Sentinel company dedicated to equipping Regional Security (Municipal Police, traffic wardens (ASVP) and wildlife rangers) as well as Private Security and Fire services.
Groupe Marck


Launch of the OMP Solutions group, dedicated to equipping UN forces (in partnership with Engie).
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Marck & Balsan

Arrival of Balsan

Groupe Marck speeds up its growth by acquiring Balsan, thus becoming a major player on the markets of uniforms for public authorities, private companies and associated services.
1950 - 2012
Groupe Marck

The group expands

Groupe Marck completes its know-how with the creation and acquisition of leading companies in their fields (trimmings, uniforms, marine structures, etc.).

Textile serving wearer safety

Creation of VTN Industries (Vêtements des Temps Nouveaux), a pioneer in personal protective equipment and technical textiles.

First World War

During the First World War, Balsan developed the “light blue” cloth and made the new uniforms of French infantry soldiers.
Early 20th century
Groupe Marck

From headgear to uniforms

The company quickly focuses its offer on the design and marketing of full uniforms for public authorities and especially armies.

Royal Factory of Châteauroux

Pierre Balsan buys the Royal Cloth Factory of Châteauroux (Manufacture Royale de Draps de Châteauroux) and becomes the traditional supplier of the French army (Balsan subsidiary).
Groupe Marck

A family-owned company

Creation of the family company, Marck, specialising in the manufacture of embroidered items for tailors.