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14 October 2022


The 2022 edition also marks Sillinger’s 60th anniversary, 60 years of experience serving the Defence and Security Forces, 60 years of know-how and French manufacturing, and 60 years of innovation serving performance, all to explore in hall 2B, stand H25.



Semi-rigid boats with a polyester hull in the RAFALE range are suitable for intensive use in extreme conditions for military and professional purposes, thanks in particular to their wave-piercing bow and their deep-V hull. The boats are equipped with large-diameter floats, allowing them to acquire exemplary stability in rough seas. The RAFALE range has a wide range of solutions to configure the weapons carrier according to your specific missions.

The 950 RAFALE on show this year is characterised by two 2 x 300cv engines, 1 semi-open RAFALE cab, hanging seats and foamed floats.

It is equipped with a marine mast supporting the AKERON MP missile launcher developed in collaboration with MBDA. This model was designed and developed for the French government.


The Sillinger 470 SRD, a rapid-deployment foldable boat, can be fitted with the SUB system, an innovation developed by Sillinger which enables the weapons carrier to be immersed to ensure underwater concealment as part of a commando mission.

The main features of the 470 SRD SUB are:

  • A rapid deployment foldable boat
  • An innovative SUB immersion system: the boat can be fully immersed
  • Sinking/resurfacing in less than 5 min
  • Easy handling: one person can operate it
  • It is a system that enables intervention units to operate in optimum rapid, efficient and discrete conditions, day and night.


60 IN 2022

The SILLINGER boatyard, named after its founder Tibor Sillinger, has been specialising in foldable and semi-rigid inflatable boats for military and professional use since 1962.

From the outset, SILLINGER decided to develop boats dedicated to international civilian and military professionals who are reputed to be very demanding.

The fundamentals of our boats are therefore performance, reliability and unsinkability. Indeed, the decision to use hypalon-neoprene fabric is the most telling expression of this.

Over the years, in a quest for excellence, the brand with the shark has been innovating constantly. It has implemented an extremely rigorous design process. Each order is supervised by a team of engineers. They oversee that each order is manufactured correctly to the customer’s specific requirements.

For 60 years, SILLINGER has been successfully applying its values, and can today claim to be a major player for the emergency response and security forces on all of the world’s seas.